Where We Work

Eggpreneur has trained and engage women, both individuals and groups in different countries. Our presence has brought impact in countries across Africa and Asia. There countries include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and India

How We Work

Eggpreneur Co-op Enterprise Model

Eggpreneur is the flagship initiative of Tapona Foundation, through the individual micro-enterprise model we have impacted over 1,000 women and youth through Farm micro-enterprises across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and India. Empowering micro-farm entrepreneurs with business knowledge, support, and tools to take their Farm-enterprises to the next level through the Eggpreneur Farm Enterprise Program.
To build up on what we have accomplished, Eggpreneur has developed an amazing new model known as the Eggpreneur Collective Business or Co-op Venture program. This program aims to establish shared/collective-owned enterprises to produce, manage and grow their revenue from their products and/or services within the group setting. What makes this model unique is that Collective/Shared enterprise pays its group members based on each member's production, while enterprise divided are shared among members.

The eligibility for groups and organizations to join Collective Enterprise program:

i.) Self-Organized groups (groups of women, youth, and religious leaders)
ii.) International and Local organizations working with smallholder farmers, women, or cooperatives.
iii.) Entrepreneurs/ Founders running a business venture that directly benefits the communities as a producer of raw materials or services to their businesses

The Program Summary:

The Five Stages of the Co-op enterprise model for the participating business groups.

1. Assessment

- An assessor conducts baseline assessments of the group, product demand, and market scan of the product or services. Eggpreneur works with the group to plan the training needs assessment (TNA) by talking to the founders/leaders, members, smallholder farmers, and others in the value chain to understand their business goals and needs. Co-op groups can do business in a farm enterprise, value-addition retailer, agribusiness, climate solutions, and circular economy.

3. Mentoring

- Once the group business has started two leaders are selected to join a tailored 6-Months mentorship with Business Advisor at Tapona Co-Venture Lab. Leaders are paired with a coach, who supports them to complete their business action plan, and managing and applying what they learned during the training. mentorship prepares leaders to grow the business and increase productivity and sales.

5. Alumni Support

- The leaders join the Alumni support community for follow-up support through webinars, exchange programs, and peer-to-peer learning, to grow their collective business, and build collaboration for product value-addition, partnership, and growth planning.

2. Training

- We can train all the members to start a new product line or Train only the leaders to scale what they have already been doing. Training is based on members' choice, diagnostic assessment, and market demand. To help them start their collective business within their communities under their own leadership, brand, and product value chain.
- Farm Enterprise model- Animal Husbandry (Poultry, Rabbit, Beekeeping, Piggery) or Cash crop production (Herbs, produce Value-addition).
- The 5 Days training is hands-on, practical, and interactive in nature.

4. Linking to Markets

- The Co-op enterprise group uses its micro-business plan to create a commercially focused product, strengthen its marketing strategies, increase sales and get new contracts. We support Co-op groups to run their enterprises in a professional and sustainable way.

The 5 Levels of Eggpreneur Co-op Enterprise model

1. Assessment

- Demand and Market Scan, Group of 15-50 members , Choose Enterprise

2. Training

Training, 5 days Session, Implement Project

3. Mentoring

Leaders Mentorship, Business Coaching, 6 Months

4. Market Linkage & Track Progress:

Access Market, Pay it forward, Leaders take control

5. Alumni Support

Investment Coaching, Network

The benefit of joining Eggpreneur Co-op Enterprise Model

Join us in making impact in these and more countries.