Impact In Tanzania

Oblates Sisters of Assumption

Oblates Sisters of Assumption poultry project is made up of 4 sisters and 30 active members. The sisters attended the Eggpreneur Program training in December 2020 and started with 100 chickens. ‘Going through the training was extremely helpful because it taught us how to do vaccines, feed the chickens, and raising them’, the sisters say. The sisters plan on getting 150 new chickens and reignite their project in September 2021.
Their customers are mainly the people in local neighbourhood who buy eggs and meat products from them.

Sisters Mary Mother of God

The sisters of Sisters Mary Mother of God begun their poultry business in 2020 after attending the Eggpreneur training. Their team is made up of 7 Postulants, 3 Novices, and 5 aspirants who collectively take part in the poultry project. The training helped them to implement things immediately and easily as only three chicks of the 100 that they started with passed away. The rest of the flock grew to become their full fledged poultry business. Schools, local churches, sisters in the local area and friends are their main customers.

Little Sisters of St. Joseph (Mother Oda VTC)

Little Sisters of St. Joseph is made up of 3 sisters and 35 active members who are part of their poultry initiative. They started their venture by purchasing 200 chicks in the first batch, all 200 slaughtered and sold for profit .Their second batch is already underway, with 200 chicks being raised to take their project to the next level. Commitment to share knowledge, mentorship, entrepreneur skills gained during their training enabled them to make their project take off. It also facilitated their outreach program in their community. So far 3 new students and 35 students have been trained by the sisters and this has become the team that is working in their poultry farm. They plan on welcoming the youth and new students into their project. The sisters also plan on adding more layers birds and initiate another project like keeping pigs to supplement their income.