Impact In Kenya


Eggpreneur has been involved on training different women groups across Kenya since 2015. Coming from the marginalized communities, some of these women were not able to generate any income for their households hence making it hard to meet the several day to day needs of their homes. The skills gained through the eggpreneur program has helped them start their own poultry farming businesses and increase their household incomes.

Impact Today

Since 2015, we have managed to train women across Kenya in the counties of Machakos and Eldoret. 100% of the women who have undergone the training have been able to start their own poultry businesses in the areas they come from. From these businesses, women have been able to sell the eggs and chicken which has acted as a channel to income generation. This has in effect hugely increased their household income. 60% of them attribute the increase of their household income to the training received through the eggpreneur program. Besides acting as a source of income generation for their households, the impact of these poultry businesses has expanded to a point of creating employment opportunities for the youth.


To achieve our goal of empowering women in the communities in Kenya, eggpreneur has partnered with Assumption Sisters of Eldoret and Sikhona Rescue Centre that was recently launched in Kitengela, in Machakos Country. The Assumption Sisters of Eldoret is made up of 4 prophet sisters, 6 postulants, 6 novices and 23 active women. They started their poultry journey after their training in May 2020. So far they have recruited 8 more women into their initiative and they intend on bringing in more. In total they have 428 chickens which produce eggs and meat that they sell to the community around them.
The Eggpreneur program helped them understand the fundamentals of poultry keeping and launch their now budding enterprise. It also equipped them with the management skills to understand their business and make it a profitable venture. Their main customers are their own institution, 4 primary schools, farmers, a college and small scale regular customers.
Sikhona Rescue Centre is made up of 4 women who are their leaders and are planning to take in 2 women at a time with up to 4 children when the program begins for a period of 3 to 4 months. They attended the Eggpreneur Program training in July 2021 and are planning to start their poultry project. They intend to use it as the baseline for their operations in the centre as well as training other women to become self-sustaining and independent. Their goal is to graduate 8 women each year through skills and empowerment programs. They also advocate for gender based violence and hope to create a community that benefits women and the youth.