How To Make Your Chicken Grow Big And Healthy(Broilers)

How To Make Your Chicken Grow Big And Healthy(Broilers)

Chickens grow at different rates, depending on the breed and genetics of the birds. Farmers may choose to raise slower or faster growing birds, depending on several factors. Shoppers can also choose to purchase meat based on what aligns with their values. The meat-type chickens (broilers) are bred specifically to grow fast and to build a lot of muscle. Growth rate and muscle yield are traits broilers are bred for. Breeding programs must balance weight and skeletal robustness. You should use a growth booster that is designed for broilers in order to get your broilers to grow as fast as possible.

 Ways to Increase the Body Weight of Broiler Chickens

Increase body weight of broilers is a matter of concern to all broiler farmers. this is because, this determines to some extend the profit gained in the broiler farming business.

  1. Select the best breed

Different commercial breed has different growth potentials. A very fast-growing strain may not withstand substandard management, and if the growth is faster, mortality may be high. The farmer should select the strain of birds, which shows a lower mortality rate under his conditions, and higher total aggregate weight at market age.

  1. Procure high-quality broiler chicks from reputable sources

No matter what you do or give broilers that came from a poorly performing parent stock or hatchery, they may never do well in terms of feed conversion. A broiler’s feed conversion and growth performance have a lot to do with its genes and gene quality. This is the reason why it is necessary to buy broiler chicks from a reputable hatchery with excellent track records.

  1. Select proper system of rearing

Higher body weight is obtained when the all-in-all-out system is used compared to the multiple-batch system.

  1. Give them high-quality feed and clean water

Feed is the single most important factor that influences the growth rate. It should contain the required nutrients at recommended levels. Broilers require feed that is formulated specifically to meet their nutritional needs. We have broiler starter, broiler grower and broiler finisher diets. Feed conversion and growth performance have a lot to do with a broiler’s diet. The feed and water they are given will greatly affect their growth rate, feed conversion, and healthiness. You must provide them with the best water and feed you can get. Read more: [PDF] Broiler Feeding Guide, Growth & Weight Chart

5. Proper housing design

The housing design should facilitate proper ventilation, heat and ammonia removal as well as optimal light intensity. Higher light intensity in the broiler houses may hamper the growth rate. Read more: Poultry Houses: 197 Designs, Structures, Plans & Systems …

6. Provide night lighting

Even after three weeks, it is better to provide four hours of additional lighting to broilers during the night to facilitate higher feed intake.

7. Sort the broilers according to body size or weight

You need to sort the broilers that have similar body sizes or weights and keep them together in the same growing pen. This will eliminate the factor of inequality as the bigger or weightier broilers tend to cheat and bully the small ones. Also, they will be able to feed well.

8. Provide enough floor space – Limiting the floor area according to age per body weighthelps the broilers put on more weight.

9. Avoid starving the broiler chickens

To have high production rates, ensure that your broilers are not starving. It is important that you give them a constant supply of food and water. It is important to feed them as often as necessary or desired. If you feed your chickens well, they will grow bigger and attract more market prices.

10. Use growth boosters or promoters

Growth Boosters – they are nutritional supplements that are added to the feed or water to improve the growth rate of the broilers. They can improve the feed conversion in your flock and give you better results. They are designed to help chickens grow up faster than normal. There are many growth boosters and additives on the market that can help your broilers improve their growth rate and weight gain.

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