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500 CHICKS FOR A START, BOLD MOVE!!- Janet’s Story

500 CHICKS FOR A START, BOLD MOVE!!- Janet’s Story

Janet is a teacher by profession, a mother, and a poultry farmer by passion. Janet is a risk-taker, she used the basic knowledge she had to start a poultry farm. She would pick information here and there about rearing poultry and  500 chicks to start her poultry business. She faced a lot of challenges and was discouraged by her decision. She would sit by her coup and watch her chicken die, luckily the chicken began to get healthy again. She became very encouraged and now her chicken started to produce eggs. 

Due to her determination and hard work she was picked by her sister-friends to attend the Eggpreneur Bootcamp. As Janet learned about the various proper poultry management she would easily pick out the points and knowledge she lacked. It was during these classes that she realized the gaps and solutions to her problem. She identified that her chicken died due to overcrowding, she would overfeed chicken, etc.

Janet purchased 600 chicken soon after her training. She is applying the knowledge she received from the training which she sees tremendous improvement. Janet wants to have over 2000 layer birds and supply her eggs to supermarkets in Nairobi and Kenya.

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